Tips for Using Guided Learning

by Mateo

Guided Learning is a software application that runs in a web browser and allows users to search for guides based on keywords. In addition, it supports multiple popup windows and can be linked to separate guides. Here are some tips for using Guided Learning.

When you’re launching a guide, you can select a step from a list of steps to start the guide. To find the API id for a step, navigate to the Step Settings Panel of the Guide Editor.

The order of the branches is important. If you want to add another branch, click “Add Branches” in the Guide Editor. Each branch can be configured with page conditions. For example, a branch might only appear if the user has already launched a guide in the current domain.

You can also create a guide that auto launches when the user enters the URL. This feature is especially useful for guides that are shared with other sites.

If you’re using the “Redirect to Page” checkbox, be sure to wait for the page to load. Almost always, this is a good idea.

When you’re creating a guide, make sure to include the step API id. Adding this to the guide’s activation settings is a great way to ensure that the guide will not be interrupted.

Another option is to configure a Smart Tip guide to automatically launch. This feature can be used to create a series of tooltips that appear after a user hovers over the layer.


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