A Fundamental Resource Needed to Maintain a Healthy Society

by Mateo

Health is the ability to adapt to the demands of life and to maintain physical, psychological, and social well-being. A person’s health depends on a wide variety of factors, including genetics, the environment, and behavior. The health status of individuals is influenced by the values they hold.

A person’s mental and emotional well-being also contribute to his or her overall physical and psychological health. It is important to have good mental health in order to live a healthy and full life. Physically healthy people can reduce their risk of developing disease, improve their flexibility, and increase their strength.

Health is a fundamental resource needed to maintain a society. The United Nations has been involved in promoting health worldwide since its inception. One of the United Nations’ leading efforts is the World Health Organization (WHO).

WHO defines health as “the state of being physically and emotionally well.” This definition is not specific to any particular disease. However, it does include the idea that everyone needs to be treated for any illness.

There are three types of health definitions today. In addition to the WHO definition, two others exist.

A third definition of health is based on the concept of balance. Balance is defined as an equilibrium within an individual or a group. Moreover, a person’s health may depend on the social and economic environment, as well as the physical environment.

Health systems include hospitals, clinics, and other organizations that provide medical services. These systems can be either multihospital systems or contractually integrated health care organizations.


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